Second HPAI case confirmed in Rockingham Co.

by | Feb 3, 2023

HARRISONBURG, Va. — Highly pathogenic avian influenza has struck a second poultry flock in Virginia’s Rockingham County.
On Jan. 25, USDA confirmed a second Shenandoah Valley farm has been infected with avian influenza.
The first detection in the county, a major production area of the state, was confirmed on a commercial turkey farm on Jan. 19. That led to the depopulation of the farm’s 25,300 birds. The second case involves a 10,700-bird turkey flock.
The Rockingham County HPAI detections are the first to occur in a commercial poultry flock in Virginia since the current national outbreak began in January 2022. Since then, there have been six non-commercial backyard HPAI detections in Virginia.
As of Feb. 2, 19 states were dealing with 30 active cases of HPAI infected flocks in the last 30 days. Commercial flocks accounted for six of the cases.
VDACS is working closely with the Virginia Poultry Federation, and USDA APHIS to provide a joint incident response.
State officials have quarantined the affected premises and are performing additional surveillance and testing within a 10-kilometer radius around the affected properties.
All birds on the affected properties have been depopulated to prevent the spread of the disease.
These birds will not enter the food system.
Virginia bird owners should report sick birds or unusual bird deaths to the State Veterinarian’s Office at 804-692-0601 or by e-mailing



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