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After canceling annual conference, SNA to cease operations after 121 years

by | Feb 5, 2021

ATLANTA — Following the announcement of canceling the SNA Conference scheduled for February, the Southern Nursery Association has announced that in a unanimous vote the board of directors has made the difficult decision to cease operations of the 121-year old organization.
Since the conference is the main source of income and with declining membership, the board determined that the association cannot be sustained.
Founded in 1899, the SNA, a non-profit trade association representing the horticulture industry in the southeastern United States, carried the mission “to unite and advance the horticulture industry through educational, research and marketing efforts.”
The SNA produced one of the industry’s largest trade shows from 1950 -2009, the SNA Research Conference from 1955 to 2020, and the SNA Plant Conference from 1991 to 2020.
In addition, the association hosted a State Officer’s Conference to encourage the exchange of information and learn about various issues affecting the industry throughout the region.
Through a collaborative effort with industry researchers, the SNA produced The Best Management Practices Guide, designed to help growers identify and promote exceptional management practices, methods and procedures.
The first publication was in 1996 and updated in 2007 and once again in 2013.
With more than 6,000 copies in use at this time, this popular guide has been recognized as the benchmark for horticultural BMPs in the United States.
The SNA also published the Proceedings of the SNA Research Conference and featured more than 3,000 titles comprised of more than 12,500 pages on the SNA website.
Hundreds of topics in 13 categories were presented at the conference and the proceedings have been published online, in an easy-to-use format, as an industry service.
This library will be transferred to the Horticultural Research Institute website,, or future reference.
In an effort to preserve the 121-year legacy of the SNA, two existing Horticultural Research Institute Funds — the SNA Fund and the SNA Golf Classic Fund — will be combined, totaling approximately $300,000 and renamed the Southern Nursery Association Legacy Fund.
SNA members may continue to donate to this important fund that awards funding for horticultural research in the southeast region of the United States. 
Past SNA Executive Vice Presidents Danny Summers (1989–2006) and Karen Summers (2012–20) have volunteered to maintain the website to house SNA’s history.
Additionally, an SNA Facebook page will be maintained to create a community for past SNA members, and for photos, memories and comments.
To assist in the effort of preserving the legacy of SNA, AmericanHort is offering an introductory membership to current SNA members through June 30.
SNA members, who are not already AmericanHort members, can join at the Basic Level at a special rate of $189 for the first year.
Details available at
The creation of an SNA member group, based on the level of interest, inside AmericanHort, will help retain the identity and community of SNA.
Additionally, efforts to expand the Southern Nursery Association Legacy Fund within HRI will be paramount to preserve the 121-year history and carry forth the longtime mission of the association to further horticultural research.
For more information and to take advantage of this special offer contact AmericanHort by e-mail: or phone: 614-487-1117.



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