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COVID-19 sidelines feed truck driver, fellow chicken grower steps up

by | Jul 2, 2020

Scott Kirk, of Federalsburg, Md., sits in the cab of his food truck, a few weeks before a COVID-19 diagnosis took him off his route. While his family carried on working the family farm, including their chicken houses, a neighbor, Harlan Good stepped up to deliver feed to broiler chicken farms on Kirk’s behalf. (Photo courtesy Delmarva Poultry Industry Inc.)

FEDERALSBURG, Md. — Scott Kirk delivers organic poultry feed across Delmarva to farmers raising chickens for Coleman Natural Foods every day.
On their Federalsburg, Md. farm, Rising Sun Acres, the Kirk family also raises roaster broiler chickens in two houses that Kirk’s wife, Sarah, takes care of, but Kirk hauls feed to have additional income.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kirk had been busier than normal ensuring broilers — chickens raised for meat, as opposed to layer chickens raised to produce eggs for a farm — had an uninterrupted supply of feed.
In the middle of April, Kirk began feeling run down; he assumed he was suffering from seasonal allergies.
He continued to work hauling feed to Delmarva’s chickens, and with such an isolated job, alone in his truck’s cab, Kirk felt comfortable continuing to work every day.
On April 12, Kirk came down with what he thought were sinus infection symptoms, and he began to run a high fever. Days later, Sarah dropped him off at the hospital doors to be tested for COVID-19. She waited anxiously in the parking lot as visitors were not permitted. The news they hoped not to hear came back: Kirk had tested positive for COVID-19.
Sarah and the family’s four children began to quarantine themselves.
Kirk spent five days in the hospital on oxygen; he was also diagnosed with pneumonia.
Upon leaving the hospital, Kirk self-quarantined for nearly two weeks.
He enjoyed his family, outdoor sunshine, and relaxation to heal while keeping others safe.
And what about the feed truck route? A neighbor and family friend, Harlan Good, offered to haul feed for him.
Good, also a poultry grower, expressed interest earlier this year about hauling feed, and he was able to obtain the needed license to do so. The Kirk family feels beyond blessed for Good stepping up and helping during Kirk’s recovery.
The Kirk kids would check on their dad through video calls while he was at the hospital to keep everyone’s spirits up and helped their mom out on the farm.
When Kirk was quarantined at home after being discharged, the family took advantage of his presence for extra quality time. Everyone practiced social distancing, wore masks, and washed their hands regularly.
Kirk would sit away from his family inside and outside and enjoy quality time with his loved ones.
Keeping the four children upbeat during this time was important, especially while continuing school from home.
Since being diagnosed, Kirk has felt like a celebrity for having survived a coronavirus infection. He and his family thanked everyone who reached out to check and pray for them.
They were offered more help than they could have ever imagined and feel appreciated and loved by many.
After 19 years of marriage and a COVID-19 scare behind them, this family — one of thousands in Delmarva’s chicken community — is ready for all life continues to have in store.

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