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Del. Soybean Board lauds yield contest champions

by | Feb 25, 2022

R.C. Willin was the overall winner in the Delaware Soybean Yield Contest with a yield of 96.04 bushels per acre. (Photo courtesy Delaware Soybean Board)

SEAFORD, Del. — Delaware soybean growers showed their ability to achieve high yields once again through the Delaware Soybean Yield Contest.
Earning top honors in this year’s contest was R.C. Willin of Sussex County with a yield of 96.04 bushels per acre on his full season irrigated soybeans.
He achieved this yield using Channel4218 seed planted on April 23, 2021.
Other statewide winners were Chris Wyatt of Kent County in the Double Crop category, and Roger Swartzentruber in the Dryland category.
Wyatt’s double crop entry yielded 83.38 bushels per acre planting Pioneer P48A94PR seed on June 16. Swartzentruber grew 90.43 bushels per acre using Channel 3521 seed planted on April 22.
Each statewide winner received $1,000 in prize money.
County winners for full season soybeans were Dale Blessing of Kent County with 92.09 bushels per acre and Mark Collins of Sussex County with 91.06 bushels per acre.
Winners at the county level for double crop soybeans included Mel Wyatt of Kent County with 75.80 bushels per acre and Tim Rogers of Sussex County with 71.19 bushels per acre. No entries were received from New Castle County. County winners were awarded $250 each.
“With the addition of our weigh wagon to the contest, the board was able to complete a record number of yield checks for this year’s contest,” said Cory Atkins, Delaware Soybean Board chairman. “We thank farmers for showcasing their ability to grow high yielding soybeans.”
The contest, established in 2012, aims to assist in discovering varieties and management choices that work for soybean growers in Delaware.
Its goal is to gather data on practices incorporated in producing high soybean yields while recognizing the individuals who have achieved such yields.
Over the past eight years, the soybean board said the contest has received over 150 entries and continues to grow each year.
Full contest information and results summary can be found on the DSB website at

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