IAA celebrates graduating class of ’18

by | Jun 15, 2018

IAA Class of 2018 stands together after its recent graduation. From left, Bobby Blake, Eric Spalt, Emily Novak, Nicolas Tardif, Jessica Dumsha, Victoria Bryant, Becky Jones, Edwin Sanchez, Rebecca Bell, Conrad Mellin, Cameron Smith, Jade Loewenstein, Amy Winkler and Emily Richardson. (Photo courtesy Brandy Walterhoefer)

COLLEGE PARK, Md. — The Institute of Applied Agriculture said its goodbyes and thanks to 22 students on May 19 who earned their Certificates in Applied Agriculture.
The IAA honored these graduates at a pre-graduation celebration at College Park Marriott, providing a brunch, gifts, and a happy celebration with friends and family.
The IAA, a 60-credit academic certificate offered within the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Maryland College Park, provides students with hands-on classes to develop the entrepreneurial, technical, and leadership skills needed in their agricultural fields.
“Since they made it here, they will make it anywhere,” sang Tony Pagnotti, former Baltimore weatherman turned IAA lecturer.
As event emcee, Pagnotti entertained the audience with his made-up song lyrics praising the IAA graduates while creating laughter and smiles throughout the entire room.
This year’s graduating class consisted of students from nine different counties.
One student, Nicolas Tardif from Laurel, Md., graduated with a certificate and an successful business plan that he put into action.
Tardif and his team create a business plan as a project in their agricultural entrepreneurship; then, Tardif implemented plan to create a tea business, Terrapin Tea.
He eventually sold the tea successfully at the food co-op on University of Maryland College Park Campus.
The process of Tardif turning a class project into an effective business represents the learning environment of the IAA. Instructors at the institute use hands-on teaching methods to give their students the utmost potential of being successful in their future careers.
Upon graduation, the graduates will begin to use the information they were taught. Many of the graduates are continuing their education at the University of Maryland. Others are already employed and are starting their careers.
The Institute of Applied Agriculture offers a two-year academic certificate within the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Maryland.
The IAA provides students with the entrepreneurial, technical and leadership skills needed to manage profitable agricultural enterprises, including golf courses, sports fields, landscaping companies, and farming operations.
Students enjoy the benefits of a small program along with the advantages of belonging to an excellent research university and living on or near campus in College Park.
For more information about the IAA, visit their website: https://iaa.umd.edu/

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