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In-person workshops scheduled for May 10-11

by | Apr 30, 2021

SALISBURY, Md. — With hot weather approaching, a collaboration of Extension and poultry industry representatives have organized two in-person workshops focusing on issues with poultry house cool cells and cooling pad maintenance.
The in-person workshops are scheduled for May 10-11, each from 10 a.m. to noon.
The May 10 workshop location is the Caroline County 4-H Park in Denton, and the May 11 workshop location is the Winter Place Park and Equestrian Center in Salisbury.
A boxed lunch is included in the free registration.
Both workshops will feature two speakers.
Eric Spell, division manager for the SWASH line of products, who will address common issues in cool cell pad performance, understanding the effectst of hard water, scale build up and how to combat it and best practices for extending cool cell pad life.
Isaac Singletary, sales representative with Munters, will address the effects of pad maintenance of house temperatures, pressure, fan performance and tunnel velocity; the impact of cooling systems on bird comfort and performance and best practices for pad maintenance.
Registration for each workshop is limited to 33 people and will follow Maryland COVID-19 guidelines, including wearing a face covering and not attending if you have any cold-like systems.
To register, visit and search “cool cell pad maintenance.”
For more information, contact Jon Moyle at; Jenny Rhodes at; Georgie Cartanza at; Maureen Duffy at or Sheila Oscar at

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