Kent County (Del.) 4-Hers hold public speaking event on variety of subjects

by | Feb 16, 2018

The senior division was one of four groups that competed in the recent Kent County 4-H annual public speaking event. (Photo courtesy Kent County (Del.) 4-H)

DOVER, Del. (Feb. 20, 2018) — The Kent County 4-H program participated in its recent public speaking event.
Speeches were delivered on a variety of topics, all having some special meaning to the 4-Her delivering it.
Public speaking is an important life skill to develop and Kent County 4-H encourages 4-Hers to participate in this fun and friendly environment, always improving this important skill.
There were many smiles, although some were nervous smiles and yet others seemed to come as a sign of relief that their speech was over.
“This is one of the most important events that our youth participate in; public speaking skills are so critical and yet difficult for most people, adults and kids alike”, said Kristin Cook, 4-H Agent. “It’s exciting to see the participation continue each year, and we are very thankful that the county has allowed us to hold our event at their building.”
Kent County 4-H administrators thanked Kent County Levy court for again allowing their building to be used for this event.
4-Hers were asked to donate a pair of socks to the Kent County Levy Court’s initiative to collect socks for the Feb. 14 “Socks for Homeless” Day.
More than 70 pair of socks were donated for the cause.
The award winners are as follows:
Senior Division ages 14-19: 1st Hannah O’Hara, Houston Cardinals 4-H Club, 2nd Leslie Webb, Peach Blossom 4-H Club, 3rd Garrett Geidel, Peach Blossom 4-H Club,
Junior Division ages 12-13: 1st Vanessa Gaines, Westville 4-H Club, 2nd Rain Vasey, Pure Country 4-H Club, 3rd Brielle Carter, Peach Blossom 4-H Club
Beginner Division ages 10-11: 1st Trey Moffett, Peach Blossom 4-H Club, 2nd Austin Yourek, New Horizons 4-H Club, 3rd Addison Brode, Harrington Sunshine 4-H Club
Beginner Division ages 8-9: 1st Madelyn Gallo, Peach Blossom 4-H Club, 2nd Taylor Gooden, Just Country Kids 4-H Club, 3rd Lexi Hay, Peach Blossom 4-H Club
The contest is sponsored by the Kent County 4-H Links Association and University of Delaware Cooperative Extension.
Refreshments were provided by the Kent County 4-H Leaders Association.
The contest is just one of the many ways the 4-H program provides opportunities for the youth of Kent County to “Learn by Doing” (the 4-H motto).
There are many such opportunities at the local community club, or on county and state levels.
For more information about this exciting youth program, either to sign up a child or become a volunteer or adult leader, contact the Kent County 4-H office at 730-4000.

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