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Nominations sought for Virginia Soybean Board spots

by | Feb 26, 2021

Richmond, Va. — The Virginia Soybean Board is looking for soybean farmers interested in filling one of Virginia’s two director positions on the United Soybean Board. 
Robert W. White, soybean farmer from Virginia Beach, currently holds the position.
His term expires on December 2021. 
Any soybean producer who is affected by the soybean checkoff is eligible to serve. 
A soybean producer is defined as an individual who is engaged in the growing of soybeans in the United States who owns, or who shares the ownership and risk of loss of soybeans.
To be considered for this national leadership position, growers must complete the required documents available online at and return them to the Virginia Soybean Board at by March 8.
The Virginia Soybean Board will discuss the interested candidates and submit to the USDA the names of two potential nominees to represent Virginia. 
The USDA Secretary will make the final appointment, and the chosen individual will begin serving a three-year term in December 2021. 
Individuals are eligible to serve up to three three-year terms.
This is a volunteer position that does not receive any compensation for service.
“Serving on the United Soybean Board is a very prestigious and worthwhile opportunity,” says Craig Giese, VSB chairman and soybean producer from Lancaster, Va. “These farmer-leaders shape the direction of the soybean industry in areas from education to research and everything in between. We encourage any soybean farmer interested in the position to apply.”

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