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Notice of Intent forms due on Sept. 6

by | Aug 28, 2020

BALTIMORE — The deadline to submit Notice of Intent forms, a necessary step in securing a General Discharge Permit for Animal Feeding Operations in Maryland is Sept. 6.
The Maryland Department of Environment, issuer of the permit, sent NOI forms to farms currently registered under the 2014 AFO Permit on July 8, 2020.
In June Maryland Department of Environment reissued with revisions the state’s General Discharge permit for animal feeding operations, a regulation that applies to more than 550 broiler operations.
The revised permit replaced the previous version that expired on Nov. 30.
According to the General Discharge permit, the completed NOI must include:
• The name of the owner or operator;
• The operation’s location and mailing addresses;
• Latitude and longitude of the production area (obtained at the entrance to the production area);
• A topographic map of the geographic areas in which the AFO is located showing the specific location of the production area;
• Specific information about the number and type of animals whether in open confinement or housed under roof using the animal types in the table in Part I.A.9 of this Permit;
• The type of containment and storage (anaerobic lagoon, roofed storage shed, storage ponds, under floor pits, above ground storage tanks, below ground storage ponds, concrete pad, impervious soil pad, other);
• Total capacity for animal waste storage (tons/gallons);
• The total number of acres under control of the applicant that are available for land application of animal waste;
• Estimated amounts of animal waste generated per year (tons/gallons);
• Estimated amounts of animal waste transferred to other persons per year (tons/gallons); and
• For chickens (other than laying hens) with dry manure handling only: the total square footage of all poultry houses.
All large and medium AFOs that discharge or propose to discharge to waters of the state must be covered under the General Discharge Permit, according to Maryland regulations. Other AFOs may be required to be covered under the General Discharge Permit at the discretion of MDE or the United States Environmental Protection Agency.
The full revised General Discharge permit, permit fact sheet, Notice of Intent form and other guidance documents are available on the MDE’s Animal Feeding Operations website,
The University of Maryland Extension commercial poultry team has held workshops to help growers complete the form.
For assistance, Maryland poultry growers can contact Jon Moyle, UME poultry specialist at 443-754-0539 or; Jenny Rhodes, Extension educator Queen Anne’s County, at 410-310-0103 or and Maegan Perdue, associate agriculture agent, Worcester County, at 443-523-4389 or
Among more than 90 listed revisions, the new permit clarifies the definition of “organic poultry” to mean an operation that complies with organic standards established by the USDA’s National Organics Program; defines “poultry pasture” stating it is not part of the production area as long as the area maintains vegetation during the normal vegetative growing season. MDE will develop a form for writers of Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans to identify any resource concerns at the animal feeding operation.
Any CAFOs or MAFOs required to apply for this permit that are not covered by the current General Discharge Permit are required to submit to MDE, for approval, a current Required Plan no later than 90 calendar days after the submission of the required Notice of Intent.


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