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Broiler industry facing options for ILT vaccines

      ATHENS, Ga. — Infectious laryngotracheitis, a highly infectious, acute viral disease, is proving a significant challenge for producers right across the broiler belt.Work over the last few years has shown that the use of both modified-live virus (MLV)...

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Number of IA cases still on rise

      DOVER, Del. — Prior to Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza being confirmed in a commercial poultry flock in Delaware on Feb. 23, multiple cases of of Eurasian H5 HPAI were detected in wild birds in Delaware on Feb. 16, as the bird flu continues to spread...

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Delmarva author publishes, donates book on chickens

      SELBYVILLE, Del. — Delaware author Joanne K. Guilfoil has published the second of three books about chickens on Delmarva. The first was an ABC book, also translated into Spanish, for pre-readers and non-English speaking adults. Copies are available at...

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Penn State judging team wins national championship

      FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — The Penn State Collegiate Poultry Judging Team earned first place at the 55th National Collegiate Poultry Judging Contest held at the University of Arkansas.The annual event consists of 15 classes over a two-day period. The contest...

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Details make difference in ILT vaccination success

      PARSIPANNY, N.J. — Attention to detail is key to successfully vaccinating broiler flocks against infectious laryngotracheitis, according to a poultry health expert.Tim Cummings, DVM, who is the senior technical services veterinarian, Zoetis, said...

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