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SCD seeks input for environmental assessment

by | Jun 3, 2022

GEORGETOWN, Del. — The Sussex Conservation District on June 14, will host a public scoping meeting to seek input regarding an environmental assessment for farms that could potentially have poultry operations that may seek conservation program funding for expected resource concerns prior to the resource concern being present.
According to a news release, this assessment is solely based on hypothetical scenarios, looking at farms that could potentially have poultry operations seeking conservation program funding for expected resource concerns prior to resource concerns being present.
The 2018 Farm Bill included specific language on new and expected resource concerns and made Environmental
Quality Incentive Program assistance available for new and expected resource concerns.
The assessment will look at all the NEPA requirements as if a poultry operation was present on these sites, although in reality these sites may or may not have any current or future plans for a poultry operation.
Representatives from the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service will lead and participate in the June 14 meeting, scheduled for 6:30 p.m. in the conference room of the Sussex County Conservation District building located at 23818 Shortly Road in Georgetown.
According to the agencies, the objectives of the meeting include:
• Ensure that the general public; private groups; and local, county and state government agencies are thoroughly familiar with the objective and scope of developing the environmental document for Poultry Operations in Sussex County.
• Promote an atmosphere of extra-agency cooperation.
• Provide a forum for the reception and consideration of public input regarding the projects.
• Clarify the effects of the diverse alternatives under consideration.
• Collect existing resource data for Sussex County regarding the development of this environmental document
• Incorporate written and verbal comments into the decision-making process.
For more information, contact the Jayme Arthurs at or at 302-382-4682.

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