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Virginia Ag Expo moves to Essex County this year

by | Jul 20, 2018

The Hundley family welcomes farmers and agriculture representatives to their Cloverfield Farms in Champlain, Va. on Aug. 2 for the Virginia Ag Expo, the commonwealth’s largest agricultural field day. (Photo by Sean Clougherty

CHAMPLAIN, Va. — “Utilizing Precision Agriculture to Manage Challenges” is the theme for the 2018 Virginia Ag Expo.
This year the expo travels to Essex County on Aug. 2. The location, Cloverfield Farm, is owned and operated by the Hundley Family.
Cloverfield Farm is a large diversified farming operation producing over 7,500 acres of crops a year; consisting of corn, soybeans and small grains, along with a herd of beef cattle.
The focus at Cloverfield Farm is on management and production of small grains and soybeans for Hundley Seed.
The Virginia Ag Expo is the largest agricultural field day held in Virginia. As an educational, marketing and social event farmers and agribusiness look forward to the Virginia Ag Expo each year.
More than  150 exhibitors and sponsors will have on display all of the most up-to-date equipment, goods and services for agricultural producers and property owners no matter how large or small.
The expo is sponsored by the Virginia Grain Producers Association and the Virginia Soybean Association, in cooperation with the Virginia Cooperative Extension Service.
The field tour will include the Virginia on-farm corn and soybean variety test.
Plots will demonstrate nematode management, corn plant population, and slow release nitrogen and sulfur management, along with coated urea versus side-dressed UAN.
There will be a discussion on precision agriculture along with a sprayer clean out demonstration.
Breakfast and lunch will be provided by Virginia food vendors.
Attendees will be able to eat any time from 6:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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