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What’s ahead for 2017?

by | Apr 19, 2017

As the harvest of most crops in the Mid-Atlantic region draws to a close, farmers put more attention to the coming year.
The Delmarva Farmer asked leaders in national, regional and state farm organizations to offer their thoughts on the challenges, opportunities and decisions farmers will face in 2017 and beyond.

• Maryland Agriculture Secretary Joe Bartenfelder discusses the state’s agricultural climate and the importance of educating legislators.
• Virginia Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry Basil Gooden focuses on economic development, agricultural leadership and international marketing opportunities.
• U.S. Wheat Associates Chairman Jason Scott points to reasons for hope for greater profit opportunities in wheat production.
• National Corn Growers Association Chairman Chip Bowling talks about building sustainable demand for a growing corn crop and navigating challenges in the coming years.
• U.S. Grains Council Chairman Chip Councell advocates for common sense in trade policy decisions to help secure new grain markets for farmers.
• University of Maryland Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent, Shannon Dill, discusses coming opportunities for women to strengthen their farm operations and agricultural careers.
• Purdue University Agriculture Economist Chris Hurt discusses the possibilities of recovery in cattle prices.

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